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2 Inexpensive New Year Party Themes that Include Kids



Throwing a fun party with your friends and their kids is no easy task, especially when you want to have a theme with matching decorations, food, invitations, etc. Read on for cheap, easy New Year’s themes:



If retro is more your style, try this kind of party! For handmade invitations, cut out ketchup-red construction paper and layer it with bright aqua construction paper carefully on top. Write out your party information in funky lettering. A costume party is a great idea for this theme—ask your friends and their kids to come in groovy dresses and multicolored tuxedos. Keep your colour scheme ketchup-red and bright aqua. For decorations, hang small silver disco balls that can be bought online for a cheap price, at your local dollar store, or at Party City. Throw in some red and aqua streamers dangling from your ceiling, and you are ready to party! Get some 50’s music playing in the background, and think about old-fashioned games. Games of karaoke are always a great idea. For refreshments, serve pink champagne, informal finger sandwich appetizers, and brightly coloured food that can easily be eaten by kids too. Ideas include burgers, chicken strips, etc. For dessert, bring out the crazily decorated ice cream and let kids add their own syrups, sprinkles, cherries, chocolate chips, and more.


It’s time to be modern, sleek, and cool! Easy invitations to fit this category are online ones, sent through Facebook, email invitation companies, or emails. If you prefer handmade ones, layer black and white construction paper and glue on black-and-white pictures of aliens. Include pictures of sleek machines that look interesting and write out your invitation in simple, large block lettering that pops off the paper. If you choose to have a costume party, ask everyone to come dressed as futuristic astronauts, aliens, etc. Your colour scheme should be black, white, and the type of slimy green that’s mostly associated with aliens. Décor can be easy and creative, too. Blow up lots of black-and-white balloons and let them roll on the floor, tape them to the walls, or dangle them from short strings from the ceiling. Choose sharp, chipped tones to play in the background, or choose theme music from futuristic shows. For games, ask guests to invent some! Traditional games work just as well, if you put a modern twist on them. Refreshment ideas include club soda, cookies with little craters in them that look like the moon, black cake pops, black, white, and green frosted cakes for dessert, dark, leafy salads, etc.

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