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Get To Know These Amazing City Market Vendors!

Whether you are visiting us for the first time as you attend the grand opening of our Pop-Up section of The City Market or you are a regular visitor, we urge you to visit a few of our top vendors. From handmade goods to fresh foods and everything in between, these are the vendors that make us the success we are today. Stop by sometime, and take a look at what these spectacular vendors have to offer!

The Artisans Gifting Company 

When you can’t quite find that perfect gift, The Artisans Gifting Company has you covered. This top vendor creates amazing gift baskets, yet they go a step further by creating gift baskets that are a reflection of the recipient. Don’t expect any generic gift baskets here: The Artisans Gifting Company provides gift baskets that actually make sense for that special someone, resulting in a gift set they are sure to love! 

Bazzi Market 

Do you want the freshest produce in Windsor? Of course you do! You won’t find it at any supermarket chain or big box store that happens to sell produce, though. Head over to The City Market, and discover why so many people choose Bazzi Market for their produce needs. Providing weekly deals on your favourite produce, there’s a reason Bazzi Market has such a strong following. Find out what you’ve been missing by making a trip to Bazzi Market, and let them satisfy all of your produce needs! 

Reskindle Handmade Naturals 

It’s always a great time to pamper yourself, so stop by Reskindle Handmade Naturals and discover the finest array of bath products, beauty aids, skin creams, and so much more (seriously, we can’t fit all of the fine items this vendors has in stock – you’ll have to discover them for yourself!). Here’s the kicker, though: all of these items are handmade from natural ingredients. It’s time to think differently about pampering yourself and say, ‘goodbye,’ to those pampering products made with artificial ingredients. Discover what a difference pampering yourself with natural, handmade items can make by stopping in at Reskindle Handmade Naturals today! 

Jeff’s Fresh Meat 

If you buy meat on a regular basis, then you know that it can be difficult to find quality meat. In the same way that you are typically disappointed in the produce you buy from supermarket chains/big box stores, the same can be said about their meat selection. If you want the best in meat, then you need to buy it locally – and there’s arguably no better local meat vendor in Windsor than at Jeff’s Fresh Meats.

This butcher provides fresh, quality meat at competitive prices with their wide range of meat products. They also provide grass fed, organic meat as well, so whatever type of meat you are looking for, they have it. Whether you are preparing for a huge, Spring barbecue or you just want to grill nice steaks for you and your family, Jeff’s Fresh Meat has you covered!

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