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How The City Market Can Be Used To Get Your Favourite Ingredients

The second week of February is the Great American Pizza Bake – a celebration of all things pizza (as if we needed a reason to celebrate pizza). Arguably the most popular food in North America (though we can’t prove that), it’s hard to find another entrée that is as versatile yet consistently delicious. The beauty of pizza is that it’s hard to not find at least one pizza that’s appealing. Are you a vegetarian? Some of the most delicious pizzas primarily feature vegetables. In the mood to be a carnivore? There are plenty of delicious meats waiting for you. No matter your mood, no matter your tastes, there’s a pizza waiting for you!

In the mood for pizza now? We don’t blame you. Luckily, there’s only one place you need to be when you’re ready to bake your own pizza at home: The City Market. It is here that you will find a wealth of delicious ingredients perfect for your next pizza. No matter the mood, no matter your budget, there is something for every pizza lover at The City Market.

In the mood for an all-vegetable pizza? Stop by Bazzi’s Produce and choose from our wide selection of fresh, delicious produce. Whether you want delicious tomatoes, bell peppers, mushrooms, or something else entirely, you’re going to find the perfect mix of vegetables at this fine vendor!

Perhaps you are hungry for an all-meat pizza (or a vegetable/meat mixture). If so, you need to pay a visit to Jeff’s Fresh Meats. A second-generation butcher, Jeff Farron knows meat – and he will help you to find the perfect toppings for that next pizza. He can also answer any questions about which meats would make the perfect pizza as well, making Jeff’s Fresh Meats not only the only place to shop for all of your meat needs, but a place to learn more about how to make your meats tastier than ever!

What are you waiting for? Stop by The City Market today, and find the perfect ingredients for that next great pizza. Now if you will excuse us, we’re off to find a pizza of our own…

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