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How To Make Reindeer Food For Santa Clause


Want to make sure Santa’s reindeer find their way to your home by Christmas morning? We have just the thing: reindeer food to guide them to your Christmas tree. We’re not exactly sure how it works, but we suspect that by cooking these tasty treats, Santa’s reindeer will smell them (rumor has it that Santa’s reindeer have a heightened sense of smell), will be unable to resist not following the scent, and will fly atop your house so Santa can deliver everyone’s gifts for the holidays. Below are a few of the best recipes we’ve found for making reindeer food. Pick your favourite recipe, then hop on over to The City Market to buy your ingredients!

Reindeer Food – With Oats

If there’s one thing Santa’s reindeer love, it’s oats. has a great recipe that makes oats the star of this delicious recipe, so gather the kids around and make this quick and easy treat before Christmas morning. To begin, you will need 1 cup of rolled oats, 2-6 Tbsp of red coloured sugar, and 2-6 Tbsp of green coloured sugar. If you cannot find coloured sugar, know that adding food colouring to each batch of sugar is a cheap and easy substitute.

To prepare the treat, simply mix all of the ingredients together inside of a plastic bag and shake, shake, shake! Roll the oats around the sugar, shake the bag a little more, and continue the process until the sugar and oats are mixed well. It couldn’t be easier!

Want a recipe that adds more ingredients to the mix? Consider this recipe instead.

Reindeer Food – With Cereal Flakes

What do Santa’s reindeer love as much as oats? Cereal flakes! Kids Play and feature a few recipes for reindeer food, and we think this one is one of the best. Just like the recipe above, you will need 2-6 Tbsp of green sugar and 2-6 Tbsp of red sugar (though again, food colouring is a worthy substitute), 1 cup of cereal flakes, ¼ cup of raisins, and ¼ cup of nuts.

As with the recipe above, place all of the ingredients in a plastic bag and shake and roll it to mix the ingredients together. After the ingredients have been mix properly, decide how you are going to present the treats to Santa’s reindeer!

Scatter them on the lawn

Some people have had success with scattering the treats on their lawn the night before Christmas. This improves the odds of Santa’s reindeer smelling the treats from afar, and finding their way to your home quite easily. Even so, research suggests that reindeer can smell these tasty treats from inside the home, so if you prefer to leave them next to the milk and cookies you’ve left for Santa, the reindeer will find them. Whichever method you decide to use, Santa’s reindeer are going to love what you’ve made for them!


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