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Last Minute Decorating Tips For The Holidays


Have you still not decorated your home for the holidays? Fear not – just because you are waiting until the last minute doesn’t mean it’s too late to decorate. Below are a few of our favourite last minute decorating ideas to ensure your home is full of holiday cheer. Best part of all? You can find all of the supplies you need at The City Market!

Holiday Treat Décor

Candy canes, lemon drops, and other tasty, sugary treats are synonymous with the holiday season. Thus, consider decorating with festive, holiday treats to bring the holiday spirit into your home. Using jars lying around your home, consider filling them up with candy canes and other festive candies for a charming, simplistic holiday look. Perfect for the mantle!

Ornament-In-Glassware Display

Using your empty glass jars once again, place a few of your favourite ornaments inside them to give a unique, holiday look to your home. Perfect for the windowsill, bookshelves, or any surface around your home, nothing says holiday cheer quite like charming ornaments sitting peacefully inside a glass jar. Can’t decide which ornaments to use? Hint: gold ornaments look great in this type of display!

Handmade Wreath

If you are a crafty decorate with little time to spare, consider creating a handmade wreath using baby’s breath. Using a foam wreath form, simply purchase baby’s breath to create a beautiful, holiday wreath that will have your home smelling amazing throughout the holiday season. Since they are so easy to make (and quite inexpensive), it’s a great way to decorate multiple areas of the home quickly!

Stringing Lights

Almost everyone has a box of Christmas lights somewhere in their home. If you have an extra set to spare, consider stringing Christmas lights around different surfaces of your home. For example, Christmas lights look great strung across the mantle of your family/living room, as do they on your windowsills, window frames, doorways, and more. Use your imagination and get creative. Decorating with Christmas lights may seem like an unoriginal way to decorate, but when they are lighting up your home’s rooms with their soft, festive glow, you will be glad you used them!

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