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The City Market Windsor Essex Ontario

Looking For A Great Place To Walk This Winter? Try City Market.

Whether you enjoy walking leisurely for the exercise, to blow off steam, or just to relax, the winter season can make it difficult. From snow to rain to downright cold weather, walkers need a place to do their walking when the weather is too unbearable. Luckily, one of the best places to fill that void is at The City Market.

With over 30,000sq/ft of space, we have plenty of room for you to walk. Moreover, because we are open seven days a week, offer plenty of parking space, and make it easy for you to get in and out of one of Windsor’s busiest locations, The City Market may just be the best place to walk in all of Windsor. Whether you choose to walk by yourself or with a group of fellow walkers, you will be exposed to a variety of interesting vendors selling some of Windsor’s most interesting items and services – making a stroll through The City Market always an interesting one!

After you finish your walk, you’re probably going to be quite thirsty. Instead of carrying around an uncomfortable water bottle or waiting until you get home to quench that thirst, stop by one of the many vendors at The City Market to experience some of Windsor’s tastiest beverages. Whether you simply want water from The City Market Café or a delicious, freshly-squeezed juice or smoothie from The Juice Market, The City Market is the best place to leisurely walk then reward yourself for exercising.

When you’re ready to walk, don’t put it off just because it’s too cold outside. Visit The City Market today, and get some much-needed exercise in our enormous, warm facility. Who knows? You may decide to make The City Market your preferred place to walk year-round!

The City Market The City Market

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