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Love Pancakes? Celebrate National Pancake Week By Visiting The City Market!

While we can’t prove it, we think it’s pretty accurate to say that everyone loves pancakes. There is nothing quite like waking up in the morning and smelling the sweet sensations of batter sizzling in a skillet, watching it flip onto one side, then placed on a plate covered in syrup, butter, and the occasional fruit (we love blueberries on our pancakes). A delicious meal that is worth getting out of bed early on a Sunday morning, this breakfast favourite is so popular it has its own week!

That’s right: National Pancake Week is upon us (February 21-27 to be exact), and what better way to pay tribute to this delicious breakfast food than by making your own pancakes at home? We’ve found a few unique pancake recipes for you to try during National Pancake Week, so stop by The City Market, grab the fresh ingredients you need from our amazing vendors, and make these delicious pancakes yourself!

Stardust Chocolate Pancakes


Although this delicious recipe looks like one of the unhealthiest pancake recipes known to man, that’s actually not the case! Half Hour Meals features a pancake recipe that looks like it’s a heart attack waiting to happen – that is, until you look at the ingredients used. A testament that looks can be deceiving, these Stardust Chocolate Pancakes are not the healthiest pancake recipe you will ever try, but as Half Hour Meals puts it, it falls into the, ‘sin free’ category. One bite of these pancakes, and you will wonder how something this delicious can be so low-calorie.

Banana Foster Pancakes


If you prefer fruit to dominate your pancake, food blog Will Cook For Smiles has you covered. Especially if you love bananas, you’re going to love these Banana Foster Pancakes (and if you don’t, you’ll probably still like them anyway). Extremely easy to make (in fact, you probably have most of the ingredients you need around the home), the best way to make these pancakes even better is to stop by one of our newest vendors, Brandner Farms and buy a bundle of their delicious, organic bananas! 

Espresso Chip Pancakes


What’s better than drinking a delicious, hot cup of coffee? Why, bringing that delicious flavor over to the pancake world, of course! Dessert For Two features a delicious recipe that blends the bold taste of coffee with the hearty taste of pancakes for an out-of-this-world concoction that must be tasted to be believed. Don’t think about it: just make these pancakes, and you’re day will go much more smoothly than normal. In other words, you’ll be on cloud nine! 

Scottish Pancakes


Sometimes, there’s nothing quite like the taste of simple-yet-elegant pancakes. Diethood has the perfect recipe just for you, and they couldn’t be simpler. With a few simple ingredients that are probably already in your pantry along with honey (or maple syrup if you prefer) and fresh berries, you can have amazing, Scottish pancakes within 40-minutes. With just one taste, you’ll wish you had met these pancakes sooner!

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