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Non-Profit? Charity? Hold Your Event At The City Market!

Are you looking for a place to hold your next event? Save time searching and stop by The City Market to learn about how we can accommodate your next event! Now you’re probably thinking, “why should we hold our next event at The City Market,and that’s understandable. That’s why we’ve got a few reasons for you!

Huge space for any event

Whether you have an event that’s supposed to attract a small crowd or you expect hundreds to stop by your event, we can still help you. Here at The City Market, we have an abundance of space that can house any event. Plus, we will do our part to advertise your big event, because let’s be honest: when your event brings in more people, we and all of our vendors benefit for it! Whatever your needs, whatever type of event you want to hold, we can make it happen!

Minutes away from the best of Windsor

If you are worried about whether or not you are going to attract enough people, there is no need to fear. Because we are minutes away from the best Windsor has to offer, more than enough people will attend your event! Five minutes away from Downtown Windsor and walking distance from Old Walkerville, your event is bound to have a lot of visitors. The City Market is strategically placed in this area for a reason: our location equals foot traffic!

Surround yourself with popular vendors

By having your event at The City Market, you are actually doing something smart. In addition to holding your event in a place where there is lots of foot traffic, tons of floor space, and a team by your side willing to accommodate you, you will find that because of the popularity of our vendors, you will attract attendees that would have never visited your event in the first place! In addition to attracting the people that would regularly attend your event and the people that are merely passing through as they go to/leave Downtown Windsor or Old Walkerville, you are also going to attract individuals that are regular customers of our vendors.

As you can see, The City Market is the perfect place to hold an event of any magnitude. With so many prospective people stopping by your event, make The City Market your choice for your big events. Stop by today, and let us make it better than ever!


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