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Come To The City Market This Weekend For The Ultimate Easter Egg Hunt!

Need A Last Minute Gift? These City Market Vendors Have You Covered!

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Celebrate Spring With The City Market’s Spring Bonanza!

These Vendors (And More) Made Our First City Pop-Up Event A Success

Get To Know These Amazing City Market Vendors!


Visit The City Market’s POP-Up Section This Weekend!

The City Market

The Advantages of Starting Your Real Business At The City Market

Why The Market Is A Great Place For Lunch

It’s lunchtime, and you still have no idea where you want to go to satisfy your hunger. Forget about bringing your own lunch to work (you need to get out) and don’t even think about opting for fast food (it’s… continue reading Why The Market Is A Great Place For Lunch

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Looking For A Great Place To Walk This Winter? Try City Market.

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Why Be A Vendor At The City Market?

Whether you are a struggling small business trying to stay afloat or you want to open a new business in one of the most promising, up-and-coming areas in Windsor, we at The City Market urge you to consider becoming a… continue reading Why Be A Vendor At The City Market?