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The Advantages of Starting Your Real Business At The City Market

The beauty of The City Market is that it allows the public to browse a variety of vendors all under one roof. Because we have so much space at our facility (30,000sq/ft to be exact), it’s actually the perfect place for anyone to start their own business. Need proof? Below are a few of the best reasons to seriously consider making The City Market the permanent spot for your business.

Lots of room to accommodate 

No matter what you are selling or which services you are providing, The City Market has more than enough room to accommodate your needs. Walk around The City Market for even a few moments, and you will see exactly what we mean. From food vendors to jewelry vendors to even a hair stylist and beyond, and everything in between, no matter your expertise or the nature of your business, we can accommodate you in every way imaginable. 

Consistent foot traffic 

Whether you have opened a business before or this is your first experience as an entrepreneur, you probably already know that one of the biggest challenges for any successful brand is getting enough foot traffic. It can be an uphill battle to alert the public that you exist, convince them to go out of their way to visit your business, and entice them to actually buy something with competitive prices and a variety of products/services. A lot of things have to happen to ensure that people visit your business, but what if you could go to them instead?

By starting your business at The City Market, that is exactly what will happen. There is already a wide array of established vendors at The City Market – each of them with their own, regular customers. Not only that, but The City Market regularly has events that attract new people to our venue, and because The City Market is located in one of the busiest spots in Windsor, you can be assured there are new faces at The City Market throughout the week.

With consistent foot traffic at The City Market, the odds you will gain regular customers quickly increases exponentially. Take the headache out of earning new customers, and go to them instead. Chances are, your business will flourish! 

Grow faster

Because we can accommodate your business to your preference and ensure consistent foot traffic, your business is exposed to so many people seven days a week. Even the days when your business is closed, people are still noticing your business as they browse the other vendors at our facility. With more exposure comes growth, so what are you waiting for? Consider starting your real business at The City Market today, and grow your brand to heights you’ve only dreamed about!

The City Market The City Market

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  1. I am interested, how do you get a space/table? I am so sad I missed today’s event I had no idea….

  2. Hi Megan, Thanks for your email. You can reach Jarmina Weatherspoon at We will be having lots of events for you to participate in. We look forward to meeting you.

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