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The Best Recipes For Valentine’s Day

There is no better way to share Valentine’s Day than by sharing delicious food with someone you love. If you are thinking about having a night in (rather than trying to beat the crowds and enjoy a night out on the town), we have a few recipes that are sure to be a huge hit with your significant other. Stop by The City Market when you are ready to buy your ingredients, and know that you are buying the freshest and best in Windsor!

Lover’s Loaf

Is your significant other hungry for a meat dish for your V-Day? JennyB over at All Recipes shares her delicious Lover’s Loaf recipe – a new take on traditional meatloaf that will also make a believer out of those that are not the biggest fans of the dish to begin with. Mixing a variety of different types of meat such as ham, pork, and beef, it’s an amazing meatloaf that must be tasted to be believed.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Hungry for desserts? No problem! Food Network shares a delicious recipe for chocolate covered strawberries that may just be the best chocolate covered strawberry recipe we’ve ever seen. A new take on an old favourite, this recipe incorporates almonds and pretzel rods for salty-yet-sweet mixture that can’t be beat.

Linguine With Shrimp And Creamy Roasted Tomatoes

Want to cook an awesome meal for your significant other, yet you don’t have a lot of time on your hands? Never fear, as Food and Wine shares an amazing pasta recipe perfect for Valentine’s Day: Linguine With Shrimp And Creamy Roasted Tomatoes. Taking only 40-minutes to make, this amazing pasta recipe is perfect for Italian and shrimp lovers alike. Ready in under an hour, it tastes like it took hours of hard labor to make (but we’ll keep that our little secret!).

Chocolate-Frosted Heart Cookies

Chocolate and Valentine’s Day seems to go hand-in-hand doesn’t it? For a delicious, chocolatey treat that still celebrates the holiday, Taste of Home shares their to-die-for Chocolate-Frosted Heart Cookies recipe. Shaped like a heart, these cookies have a delicious array of frosting and chocolate chips that make them taste absolutely phenomenal. Who knows? You may be requested to make them out-of-season – believe us, they’re that good!

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