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Tired Of Roses? These Flowers Also Say ‘I Love You’

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, meaning that if you want to purchase flowers for your significant other, now is the time to begin thinking about what types of flowers are worth considering. The obvious answer is roses, but roses are so overdone, don’t you think? If you want to purchase flowers for that special someone but would rather opt out of buying roses, keep reading to find the best flowers to say, “I love you.” Afterward, stop by The City Market to find the best deals and selections on flowers!


Tulips by default share a few similarities with roses – making it the best flower choice if you want to share the beauty of roses with your significant other ‘without the roses.’ Yet, tulips also come in pink as well, making tulips a unique flower that is similar to roses, but different enough to stand out. Tulips are also symbolic too. According to Turkish legend, a scarlet tulip represents the phrase, “I love you.” You would be hard-pressed to find a more appropriate for Valentine’s Day than a tulip.



Have a loved one that hails from a tropic paradise or dreams about visiting one someday? Then consider purchasing a bundle of orchids for Valentine’s Day. Especially if you want to create a feeling of exoticness, the flower that represents love, strength, and beauty is the perfect fit for this special holiday.


The iris comes in over 200 different hues – so it’s no wonder the word ‘iris’ originates from the Greek word for ‘rainbow.’ With so many different hues available, it’s quite simple to find a bundle of iris flowers consisting of your loved one’s favourite colour. Plus, the iris looks absolutely beautiful. Consider purchasing a unique flower for that unique person in your life.


Also known as the ‘China Rose’ (making it another perfect option for Valentine’s Day), hibiscus comes from the Greek word ‘marsh mallow.’ Despite the odd origin of the word, there is nothing odd about the beauty of this flower. Ranging from white to red to pink to even yellow and purple, you are going to find that the hibiscus has a wide array of colours. Whatever colour or shade your loved one prefers, you can find one he/she will adore in the hibiscus flower.

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