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Visit The City Market’s POP-Up Section This Weekend!

The City Market is doing something revolutionary – and it’s beginning this weekend. Starting March 5, The City Market will kick off their POP-Up section where new entrepreneurs can test their retail business before actually launching in their own space. It’s one of the ways we are giving Windsor entrepreneurs a chance to kickstart their brand with minimal risk.

Not only is this a win-win for entrepreneurs, but the public wins, too. A plethora of new vendors is about to flood The City Market, meaning you are about to have access to even more unique products and services that only The City Market can provide. With so much space available to entrepreneurs looking to take advantage of our POP-Up section, we have more than enough room for any entrepreneur to open up shop, test-run his/her retail business plan, and figure out what works and what doesn’t work while providing a fine service to the public. It’s a great addition to The City Market’s wide range of established, seasoned vendors.

Our POP-Up section is an incubator first though, meaning that when a vendor is ready to officially launch their retail business, they will be gone. If you enjoy the products/services from a vendor at our POP-Up section, we urge you to ask them how you can follow them on social media so you can learn about where they are officially going to launch after they are finished incubating at The City Market (and if they are truly old school, ask them if there is a way to stay up-to-date on their brand via a mailing list or the like). Not only will you be able to purchase their products/services after they leave our POP-Up section, but you will be able to support them after their official launch.

Moreover, this also helps us to show that our POP-Up section is actually a benefit to aspiring entrepreneurs. If entrepreneurs realize they can fine-tune their business plan while gaining regular customers, they will be more likely to use our POP-Up section. This also means our customers will have more vendors to choose from, which is a blessing to our regular vendors here at The City Market.

With our new POP-Up section, everybody wins! Come out to the grand opening March 5, and celebrate with us as we open our newest addition to our growing market. We guarantee you will be glad that you did!

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