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Why Be A Vendor At The City Market?

Whether you are a struggling small business trying to stay afloat or you want to open a new business in one of the most promising, up-and-coming areas in Windsor, we at The City Market urge you to consider becoming a vendor at our facility. With so much to see and buy, The City Market is becoming the destination for those that want to shop local. It isn’t any surprise either, because…

We believe in the power of local businesses

While the convenience of large-scale chains cannot be understated, there’s one thing they can’t provide: personable service with a smile. Every vendor at The City Market is dedicated to providing you with the best customer service possible, resulting in a positive shopping experience you will rarely find at larger chains. Depending on what you are looking for, the quality of the products sold at The City Market are unmatched. Whether you want fresh, locally grown produce or handmade soaps that have to be smelt to be believed, the power of local business can be felt throughout the corridors of The City Market.

Help bring our community together

We believe in the power of community – and we know that by supporting local businesses, this helps our community to thrive like never before. Because we have plenty of retail space (more on that in a moment), we have the luxury of housing local festivals, events, and other community-centric happenings that brings our bustling little city together.

Location couldn’t be better

Speaking of our bustling little city, The City Market is located on one of the busiest corridors in Windsor – Walker Road. It’s an up-and-coming location that is only a five minute drive to Downtown Windsor. Thus, the location of The City Market is the place to attract as many Windsorites and visitors to our community as possible. As a vendor at The City Market, worrying about finding a suitable location for your small business will be a thing of the past.

Plenty of retail space

The City Market provides over 30,000sq/ft of retail space, with the ability to accommodate any business large or small. No matter the nature of your business or the services/products you provide for your customers, it’s all fair game at The City Market. Reach out to us today, and let us tell you how we plan to accommodate your small business!

We’re (usually) always open

Because we’re open seven days a week, there is no mystery when we are open for business. Almost any time of the day or evening is an ideal time for people to come to The City Market. This means more exposure for your small business. Even when you are closed, the visitors to The City Market are able to walk around and learn more about our vendors. Even when you are not here, you are attracting new business!

Interested in becoming a vendor? Contact The City Market today, and let us tell you more about the positives of becoming a vendor. We’ll accommodate you any way we can and help you to feel right at home!

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