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Why The Market Is A Great Place For Lunch

It’s lunchtime, and you still have no idea where you want to go to satisfy your hunger. Forget about bringing your own lunch to work (you need to get out) and don’t even think about opting for fast food (it’s unhealthy). Instead, take a trip to The City Market. It is there that you will find some of the tastiest and freshest food in all of Windsor. Below are a few of the vendors that are perfect for satisfying that lunchtime hunger.

The City Market Café (of Walkerville)

The City Market Cafe of Walkerville

The City Market Cafe of Walkerville

Are you hungry for breakfast at lunchtime? Then you need to stop by The City Market Café, where Dawn and Michelle provide all day breakfast for those that can’t get enough of breakfast foods. If you feel like eating a more traditional lunchtime meal, not a problem: The City Market offers a variety of delicious meals perfect for lunch, including panini sandwiches, homemade soups, and so much more. Want to share the love with the rest of the office? Not a problem, as The City Market also caters!

The Juice Market

The Juice Market in The City Market

The Juice Market in The City Market

Did you eat a late breakfast and need a light-yet-healthy lunch? Then The Juice Market is right up your alley. Offering organic raw juices and smoothies that are perfectly healthy, The Juice Market guarantees that you are going to feel energized from their variety of fruit and vegetables juices, immunity shots, special fruit blends, and so much more. Made from fresh ingredients and never made with sugars or preservatives, The Juice Market is the destination for a healthy and happy lunch!

Sunrise Bakery

Sunrise Bakery in The City Market

Sunrise Bakery in The City Market

We can’t eat healthy all the time though – and that’s where Sunrise Bakery comes in! Offering a variety of pastries, cookies, truffles, biscottis, breads, and so much more, Sunrise Bakery uses only the freshest ingredients to create some of the most delicious baked goods in Essex County. Whether you are in the mood for moist lemon sponge or a delicious cheesecake, Sunrise Bakery will cure your lunchtime sweet tooth!

Bazzi’s Produce

Bazzi's Produce in The City Market

Bazzi’s Produce in The City Market

Sometimes, the best lunch consists of a few simple fruits and vegetables. When you want a wide variety of fresh produce, make Bazzi’s Produce your one-stop shop for all of your produce needs. All of the produce at Bazzi’s Produce is gathered daily from family-run local farms and handled as well as stored with the best of care. They even have an expert team that grades every piece of produce that goes through the store, ensuring that customers get only the best produce when they visit this incredible vendor. Bazzi’s Produce is the gold standard of produce vendors in Essex County – come see why at your next lunch!

The City Market The City Market

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